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Easy breakfast idea

When I first moved to the UK 12 years ago, I rented a ground floor apartment by myself about 30 minute away from Manchester Town Centre. My first month, i barely able to cook for myself and i'm so homesick at the time. One such day, when i went to the city, I found a good fresh asian groceries ingredient to start cooking my hometown meals. And that the starting point of me cooking and selling foods to my friends at the Uni at that time. I never regret any of it, Yes it is hard work when you have to study and also working at the same time but i find myself in my comfort zone. I didn’t realise how comfortable i am in the kitchen. But this is not what i want to share with you. What i want to share is, the first recipe i made when i move in the UK. This recipe is a real ' down to memory lane' kind of thing. LOL

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