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Hey! So Glad, You're Here.

If you have landed here then you want to know a bit more about who behind the screen on this 'Oh Hello Foodies' right? My name Jess and I'm Malaysian who now lives abroad. UK is now my home. Oh Hello Foodies is based on two of my greatest loves in life, food, and travel. I started to cook at an early age since I was 8 years old by both of my late parents. I also started traveling mostly solo travel when I'm at 17 years old.  Recently I have been rediscovering some traditional Malaysian recipes and building on my love of my own birthplace of foods. You know living abroad makes you realize how much you really missed your hometown and your parent's foods. I love all kind of foods, I’ve always enjoyed spending time experimenting in my small proud kitchen. 

What can you find here, at Oh hello foodies?

Inspiration, interesting ingredients, instructions, ideas, (lots of words), food for friends and fussy eaters, fast solutions to dinner, cakes, desserts, and more cakes. I also like to travel so sometimes I share that too. Of course, I love eating, going to restaurants and markets, and talking endlessly about it all, but really I think that cooking is a great way to connect with people. Cooking and eating and even preparing is about sharing the love. I don’t have many of those types of recipes, but I do have easy ways to make food from great ingredients. I do try to cook with everyday ingredients that you can get easily at a market or even the supermarket but sometimes I wheel out something very special and I expect you to be impressed… Nah, not really, I’m only being silly. From time to time, I too have to show off some of this life’s very indulgent gems. Everyone needs some pointers on the finer things in life right?

Oh hello foodies are also often about travel. My travel and food have always been interconnected in a very practical way. I began traveling in my teens as a solo traveler. People often ask me did I ever feel scared when I went to a strange country and strange language by myself? My answer is easy, I love taking a risk along with good adventure. Learn people's culture and see how big the world with my own eyes. It is such an amazing experience.

I’m often asked, “why a blog?”.

I could easily tell you that I wanted to reach my “inner foodie” or discover the “gourmand” within but that would be like Miss Universe answering a question about solving world peace! The truth is, I started blogging because I was bored and i need something else to fill the extra time I had. I think I should discover more about things that I really into and what I good at. I wanted to add something more and saw blogging as a way to marry my food, travel, and technology interests. I started off like a lost hiker without a compass. I learned a lot along the way. And I’m still learning. This blog connected me with communities far and near and provided me with many opportunities that were once considered a dream. I always try to set new goals for myself here on the blog, but one thing is certain. My love for food, travel, and photography will always be there.

If you would like to contact me please use the contact form on my contact page.

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